Popular Uses of Five Types of Rubber Mouldings

Published: 23rd August 2011
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Rubber mouldings are very common items that are used in the manufacture of a variety of modern appliances of daily use. Rubber mouldings used in air conditioning systems, cars, ships, airplanes, trucks, trailers, bus bodies, canopies, buildings and containers make it safe to operate them. Rubber hoses, rubber flooring, rubber sheeting, rubber seal kits, and rubber grommets are some of the common rubber extrusions and mouldings. Let us examine their uses in our day-to-day activities.

1.Uses of Rubber Grommets: Holes made in metals and other hard materials often have sharp edges. If soft material like rope, lacings, cords, and electrical wires pass through them, they may wear off easily due to the rough edges. Rubber grommets can help to shield them from abrasion and breakage. Other than the protection factor, these grommets look good and can be installed easily without the need for special tools. You can easily find grommets made of rubber that can fit different types of sheet metal gauges.

2.Uses of Rubber Flooring: Rubber is a common material used for constructing the flooring of modern gymnasiums and playgrounds. These floorings offer better safety to children; better that playground bases made of crushed stones. Outdoor flooring made of recycled rubber tyres from cars is an eco-friendly choice too. Residential rubber flooring mainly uses natural latex, a common material for flooring used in hospitals and apartments. Such floorings are also becoming a popular choice for home kitchens as they offer better support and comfort to the feet while working in the kitchen.

3.Uses of Rubber Hoses: Hoses made of rubber are commonly used as connecting hoses in the food and beverage industry. In case of industrial equipment and machinery, they are used as coolant hoses. Rubber hoses are also used in medical equipment. Adhesive and chemical filling systems often use different varieties of hoses made of rubber. Different forms of customized products also make use of such hoses. Six-ply rubber is used to provide good burst strength to garden hoses. However, garden hoses made of eight-ply rubber are the best.

4.Uses of Rubber Sheeting: Sheets of rubber can be used to cover surfaces that need protection from chemical or oil spills. They are a common choice for floor mats in commercial enterprises like workshops and factories that need to protect the concrete from various types of spills. Rubber sheeting in a factory also provides a padded surface to stand on, resulting in a comfortable work environment. Strips cut out from sheets of rubber can be used to protect electrical wiring from rough conditions.

5.Uses of Rubber Seal Kits: Seal kits made of rubber offer a number of residential and commercial uses. These are commonly used for fixing bad fitting boot lids, jutting doors, and soaking carpets. Rubber seal kits contain a variety of rubber mouldings and extrusions like rubber grommets and gaskets to meet various types of requirements at residential as well as industrial levels. Seal kits are also used in machines and vehicles like bulldozers and excavators.

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